Treating Anger, Resentment and Revenge from a Trauma Perspective

Webinar about an EMDR Anger Protocol

Herman Veerbeek, EMDR Consultant, Psychotraumatherapist

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Webinar recorded 24th of July 2019 in Australia

duration: 1 hour 54 minutes

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Content details:

EMDR therapists are frequently confronted with clients with anger problems; some clients may suffer from suppressed, inaccessible anger, others may present with an intimidating, aggressive attitude. This anger can severely block regular EMDR therapy. This workshop explores a new EMDR protocol that takes anger as starting point in therapy and sees it as an opportunity to heal, making use of (1) the Adaptive Information Processing model of Francine Shapiro - which encompasses a trauma perspective on anger -, (2) a sensorimotor approach (Pad Ogden) and (3) the concept of reciprocity. In this protocol, the client is allowed in imagery to do whatever the body wants to do, directing the anger towards their wrongdoers. The workshop includes the theoretical foundations of the protocol and its underlying innovative perspective on anger problems, pitfalls in encountering anger problems, and footage of treatments. Request in process for 2 CPD points.

Topics covered:

- The difference between the standard EMDR protocol and the Anger protocol, when to apply

- Challenging our current views and attitudes of anger

- The link between anxiety and anger and how they interact

- The versatility of the anger protocol in EMDR therapy: for forensic and home situations

Learning outcomes:

- To understand the pitfalls in developing the therapeutic alliance in angry patients

- To learn to analyse and treat anger-symptoms from a trauma-perspective (bottom-up)

- To know how to use Bilateral Stimulation in angry patients

- How to analyze and handle complications and dilemma's in EMDR anger focused therapy


European participants:

45 EUR

English participants:

40 GBP

American participants:

50 USD

Registering and payment:

1. Please mail me, letting me know you want to purchase the webinar;

2. Pay via this link: paypal payment. If you are not able to pay via Paypal, please mail me.

3. As soon as your email and payment are received, you are send an email with the login link and instructions

4. The EMDR Anger protocol and the Directed Anger Questionnaire will be mailed to you at the same time.

About Herman Veerbeek:

Herman Veerbeek is a psychologist, psychotraumatherapist, and EMDR Consultant who treats patients at the outpatient Forensic Psychiatric Centre De Waag in the Netherlands. He also treated patients with long sentences, severe personality disorders and PTSD-symptoms in a psychiatric ward of the Scheveningen prison for 13 years. He specialises in treating violent behaviour and obsessive violent fantasies and revenge urges. He has developed an innovative EMDR protocol aimed at healing anger and has been giving many presentations to Health Practitioners in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. The webinar was given for an Australian audiance. He also developed the Directed Anger Questionnaire, to assess revenge-urges, which still has to be validated.